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Gnomes in the Backyard

Hey Lego Fans!

This design started with the new panel piece 65783, it makes the shell of a ladybug perfectly. All I had to do was add the jointed legs and the black round face. Did you know it's eyes are not the white spots? At first the panels were red, but I later changed it to pink to make it seem softer. It carries some flowers on its head for the lady Gnome to take home.

After the ladybug the big brown beetle (or ant if that is what you want it to be) was next. I gave it some more flowers to carry so it seemed there was more work being done. It seemed like the worker/muscle of the insect team so it also carries tools.

Following that was the pill bug. It uses the stepped 4x3 wedge no studs in dark bluish grey. This made the design very easy, I added the mudguard on the side for the rounded look. On its back it carries a big acorn using the 1744 cone 3x3x3.

To carry the mushrooms is a small beetle, a simple yet elegant build. It has big antennas. Finally there is the centipede, low and long. carrying another gnome and some seed pods.

I really like designing whole new fantasy worlds with people on a mission. There is work to be done. My Dinomads design didn't make it, so it was time for the next build! This set would go well with my Forest Village design but you can use your own fantasy theme to combine the insect builds with if you don't like Gnomes. I hope you are not scared of bugs!

At last, one more surprise: all parts are existing Lego pieces in existing colors so you can build it at home (if you have all the pieces). But I won't share the instructions, that is my secret.

Have fun!

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