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Vintage Steampunk Monowheel


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Monowheel is a one-wheeled single track vehicle similar to a unicycle. However, instead of sitting above the wheel, the rider sits either within it or next to it. The wheel is a ring, usually driven by smaller wheels pressing against its inner rim. Most are single-passenger vehicles, though multi-passenger models have been built.

Hand-cranked and pedal-powered monowheels were patented and built in the late 19th century; most built in the 20th century have been motorized. Some modern builders refer to these vehicles as monocycles, though that term is also sometimes used to describe motorized unicycles.

Today, monowheels are generally built and used for fun and entertainment purposes, though from the 1860s through to the 1930s, they were proposed for use as serious transportation.

The challenge here was to build a functioning monowheel. My proposed prototype made used of hinged 1 x 2 plate for the rim, as the hinge hopefully will provide rigidity to the rim. I used 12 sets of hinges set alternately at 30 degree angles. Added the black flat 1 x 2 plate for stability. 

The next challenge was how to mount the body to the wheel so that the wheel can turn. For that I simply determined the midpoint of the wheel and started laying out armatures with side guards to align it to the inner wheel and a wheel attached at the end to help it roll along the inner rim. 

Made two prototypes, Model 001 has two horizontal armatures at opposite ends and a perpendicular armature for support. Model 002 has a +/-120 degree angle between armatures.

Simplicity and Playability.

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