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Pixar's Coco Movie Scene

Coco is known as a masterpiece, within its many attributes we can also find its incredible architecture, with a rich and abundant color palette, impressive atmospheres, and impossible spaces that challenge our imagination, not to mention the dreamlike sense present throughout the film.

This LEGO set recreates the scene from minute 34:40, which summarizes a magical world, full of structures and places in different directions, cheerful colors, and infinite horizons. With 3000 bricks, there's a lot of fun to have, starting from the hanging tram, multiple levels, and floors, up to the several staircases that get you from one place to another. This set will be a great addition to any LEGO fan who likes movie-based themes, LEGO Expert Creator series, complex and colorful spaces built with bricks, and anyone who loves to have multiple choices when it comes down to play on a magic labyrinth like set.  

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