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The Dream Dozer


Dozing! And not the sleepy kind! This yellow behemoth is any operator’s dream bulldozer. Here, we have Danny and his land clearing business. He removes brush, stumps, and dead trees on your property to reduce fire danger and to improve the land’s grazing productivity. His specialties include pond building, landscaping and road building. If you have bats, he’s good at getting rid of them too. As Danny does his work, the owl nearby patiently waits for the snake that has come out of the ground.

Danny can work in comfort with his “cab” that is air conditioned, heated, and comes equipped with a stereo system. He will often climb on top of the cab with his binoculars to scout out the landscape. Brush and chaparral are often tall and view obstructing. The job goes quicker when Danny doesn’t have to get off the dozer to assist the workers on the ground. So, he and his workers use a set of hand signals to communicate. “Working The Chain” is an exhausting effort when moving and lifting large rocks or objects over long distances with the dozer’s shovel; all done without dragging or pushing them. When maneuvering around trees, the dozer’s cab has a steel cage on the rear that protects Danny from flying tree branches.

After a long day in the sun, Danny relaxes with his dog Harper over a fast-food meal from the local Mini Mart. At the end of this project, Danny and his workers need to transport the Dozer to another site. The dozer’s rough tracks will surely break up the paved road or driveway nearby. To cross over a paved road, the dozer drives on top of rubber tires placed under the tracks. As the dozer pulls forward, tires are moved from the back to the front in a round-robin style until the dozer reaches the transport trailer. This is a great play set for kids as it comes with 3 minifigs, a dog, owl, snake, and lots of accessories: fire extinguisher, binoculars, food, shovel, sledge hammer, 2 sets of chains, fedora hat, helmet & earmuffs, road cones, weed trimmer, blow torch, scenery pieces, boulders: all to be used in many combinations. The Dozer also has a removable hood to show it’s powerful engine.

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