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This is definitely not a Treehouse of Horror from The Simpsons. But . . . I’m inspired to build it after finding out Lego already got their own Haunted House. Just like the counterpart, it almost has a same feature in small friendly kid size. Run down a spooky looking house, a secret hidden compartment with treasure, the traps and haunted ghosts. Basic classics stuff, except put all that in a compact space.

(A sample of full treehouse demonstration model.)

The treehouse wall pulls down as a usable platform.

A secret compartment putting the treasure in.

One of the traps sprang on a bad ghost.

- Two middle school kid ghost hunters (boy and girl)
- Three transparent good ghosts (boy, girl in the glass dome and phantom pet dog)
- Glowing-in-the-dark one bad ghost and a pet spider

Makes a unique addition collection and affordable set.

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