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Lifeboat Station


This product features my current design of d-class lifeboat with trailer and tractor. 

The lifeboat station offers increased playablility and is very realistic. The two garages hold the lifeboat and the other holds the tractor. There is room for 6 helmets and 6 life jackets. I used the old power miner helmets and the older style of life jacket. A strecher is mounted on the wall next to them. A gift shop allows minifigures to buy beach toys so they can enjoy their holiday. 

The d-class lifeboat contains plenty of equipment including:

  • throw rope
  • first aid kit
  • radio
  • knife
  • search light

At the back is a mariner 50hp engine and a light arial. The boat holds 2 crew members and up to 2 rescued people or 1 in a strecher. 

The radio and search light are mounted onto clips on the front of the boat. All the other gear is stored in the front section of the boat.

When being stored away, the light has to be taken down and placed inside the lifeboat so it can fit through the door. 

The tractor has a tow bar attachment so it is able to move the lifeboat around quickly. 

This set contains:

  • 2 lifeboat members
  • 1 shore crew
  • 1 shop owner
  • 1 rescued person.


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