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Garden Greenhouse

This is the Garden Greenhouse, the perfect spot for growing crops in your own backyard! Here, Grandpa takes care of all the flowers and produce while Grandma and their grandson looks for worms around the compost. Perhaps for a fishing trip to the nearby creek?

The thoughts of building a greenhouse had been floating around my head for a while and now was the time to realize that idea. Today, as homegrown vegetables and flowers rise in popularity and environmental awareness is more important than ever, this model fits the bill perfectly! It’s a colorful model with lots of details for its compact size which makes it fit almost anywhere and be a real eye-catcher!

The build features a ton of details that would make any greenhouse owner proud. On the outside, you'll find a bee hive, hose wheel, a compost and a tree for shade. On the inside, there’s plenty of greenery as well as shelves for pots, plants and tools. There’s also a concrete table where the owners can replant their precious flowers. The greenhouse building features a slanted roof with opening windows for ventilation, decorative cast iron details, gutter and down pipes that ends in a barrel for collecting rainwater. The walls sit on a low plinth for a sturdy foundation.

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