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Cowboy Away!!!

The dry desert ground shudders as the distant shape of horse and rider draws closer. The cowboy atop the stallion fires at the sky triumphantly as he speeds away with newfound loot of unimaginable value. He streaks past, reins in one hand, the chest of treasure attached to him by a loose rope, his hand holding the smoking gun high in the air as he moves past the cacti towards his rich future...
This build was just a random idea that I brought to life, inspired by dioramas and miniature models on YouTube, I decided to put a couple of weeks to make it real. I had quite a fun time building it though, and it took less time than I thought it would, but that made it no less fun. I particularly enjoyed making the horse, taking inspiration from any references I could find online, the rider was... less fun because I initially struggled to get the scale and pose right with the horse, but in the end, I think it looks good.
To be honest, I think the cactus took more pieces than the horse and the rider, but in the end, it matches well with the rest of the diorama. As is dictated by age-long traditions and customs, I added a LEGO frog to the set (try and spot it) to finish it off.
If you like this set and admire how it was built, please consider supporting the project to help it become real, it would mean the world to me, and please feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts about the set.


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