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The Shrimp Boat Goin'South


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The Shrimp Boat Goin' South

Go shrimping with Churchill Evans and Bella O'greed on their boat Goin'South. Breathe in the fresh sea air and hope not to end up in a perfect storm. On their boat, you'll find the wheelhouse with interior and roof details like radar, position lights, liferafts and exhaust pipe. Through the wheelhouse. you'll enter a small space with 2 berths, so they can take a nap from the hard work at sea. The rear deck has winches and several hatches to store the caught shrimp and of course all the rigging and booms that make a boat a shrimpboat. At sea Evans is navigating Goin'South to the best fishing spots while Bella is taking care of the catch. This time they only caught 3 crabs, better luck next time!
When you're looking for Churchill and Bella, look in the harbor or on the ship. If they are not unloading shrimps, they're repairing the nets or parts of the boat that broke during the though work at sea. For them, there is nothing more beautiful than life at sea. After all, their motto is: Shrimping isn't a job, it's a way of life!
Bella and Churchill are dreaming of their own fleet of shrimpboats. The only thing keeping them from making that a reality is, as so very often, money. So they set out on a mission to catch 10,000 shrimps in the waters around LEGO Ideas. When the goal of 10,000 shrimps is reached there's a chance that LEGO will take their shrimp boat Goin'South into mass production. So that they finally can sail along with Goin'North, Goin'West, Goin'East, Goin'South-West, and so on.
If you like to help Churchill and Bella catch the required 10,000 shrimp then hit the support button. Churchill and Bella promise to keep you updated about the project and hope to catch the required 10.000 shrimps within a year.
And if you know of any other good fishing grounds with lots of shrimp, please share their project. Churchill and Bella will be grateful.

About The Model

The boat is a 1/40 scale model of an American shrimp boat. There are just under 3000 bricks used to build this "fan version" model. I designed Goin'south for my former Brickton Harbor lay-out and tried to submit it to LEGO Ideas in 2017, but it was not approved due to nets and strings that were non-LEGO. The last two weeks I have finally found the time to add LEGO strings all over the model and make it a solid build, so this is a resubmit to LEGO Ideas, to hopefully reach 10,000 votes. The hull is designed in 2 pieces. The dark red part of the hull can be disconnected from the rest of the ship leaving you with a "waterline model" that can be used in a city layout. I have tried to create a real life-like model in minifig scale 1:40/1:43

It has a sturdy SNOT dark red/green hull and dark orange deck. Stickers are used on the radars, liferafts, shrimp crates and for the name of the ship on star- and portside and on the aft of the boat.
The Goin'South comes with 2 Minifigures, Churchill Evans and Bella O'greed, 2 seagulls and three crabs.
Length overall: 54.4cm
width overall: 21.4cm
Height overall: 47.5cm
I have been building LEGO ships for over 10 years now and would really like to see a larger ship as a LEGO Ideas set. I think this model is cute and will appeal to many LEGO fans, but it will also be a challenging build due to all the bars, clips and strings, but then again: who doesn't like a challenge? There are a few pieces in a non-existing color, the most important one is a 4x1 slope in green.


First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read the story of Churchill and Bella, and another thanks if you have hit the support button to help them catch 10,000 shrimps.

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