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Lifestyles of the Bricks and the Famous

Welcome to “Lifestyles of the Bricks and the Famous” comprising desert bar and three level penthouse fit for a star; complete with recording studio and infinity pool.
Glam it up for this prestigious desert bar. Rocking a glam/Art Deco vibe, this exclusive venue showcases a delicious array of gourmet treats to be accompanied by decadent sauces displayed in jewel topped bottles. Diners are served by cart by our top and tail waiter, allowing guests to relax and soak up the atmosphere.
Next up is the penthouse. Entrance is via an inconspicuous tunnel at street level leading to the three level residence. Entrance through the front door takes you directly into the kitchen. Your personal chef is on standby to cater to your every whim. Your Scotty dogs beg for treats.
Through to the next room is the recording studio, showcasing your platinum records for all to see. This room features a Grand Piano, recording equipment and a floor to ceiling bird cage housing two parrots. Art features predominantly here.
On the next level is the bedroom decorated in a mix of striking blues, gold and pink. This is your space for rest. This room houses a comfy sofa chair for reading and relaxation. Off the bedroom is a light, airy bathroom with a large tub for soaking. A green wall enhances the tranquility of this space. Climbing plants on the façade of the building maintain the privacy of this room.
On the top level of the penthouse is the infinity pool. Surrounded by deck chairs, this is the ultimate party pad. Plenty of space, great views, this is the perfect space to hold that next launch party.  
I created this set because I love the modular buildings. The idea changed dramatically as it went along, but once I decided on the name the project flowed from there. 

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