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M-Tron Space Train


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This is my first MOC in space theme. I wanted to build something different in that area.
What is your first thought when you are thinking about space? Probably spaceship or some kind of space headquarters somewhere on the foreign planet.
But today I want to present you something little different - M-Tron Space Train.
There are 4 different modules in whole train. Please find below short description of these elements:
  1. Engine-driver cockpit - this is the place where main operator has everything what is needed to steer that machine. What is important there are always one of the beginning and the second of the end of the train. Cabine can be open from both sides.
  2. Power source - one of the most important element of the all train. If you want to ride, you need to have full batteries. Couple of outputs are directly calibrated with power inputs from engine-driver cockpit. This is a part of engine-driver cockpit, but it can be switched easily, because it has independece wheels only for that element. Engineers have some tools to make necessary maintenance.
  3. Passenger wagon - place for brave space pioneers and robots. Passengers can jump in from both sides.
  4. Freight wagon - place for other kind of stuff, which is necessary for take lots of different actions on foreign area.

You can add or remove Passenger and Freight wagons, but two first modules are obligatory.
Do you have an idea for additional kinds of wagons? Please let me know in comments!

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