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Pacific Rim Tokyo Kaiju Attack


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This is a lego model of the Kaiju scene from the movie Pacific Rim. It contains a landscape background, which contains five seperate pieces. That means that you could rearrange the background to your liking. The main part of this set is the Kaiju. The Kaiju of this set is built using only lego technic bricks. The main minifigure of this set is based off of the two man controlled robot named Gipsy Danger. Gipsy has the boat that it used in scene along with the sword coming out of it's hand later in this scene. 

I built this because it seemed like fun to make. Imagine playing with your own Pacific Rim lego set, I know I would. You could use any of the micro figs as the two pilots inside of Gipsy. This would make a great lego set because a lot of people like the movie Pacific Rim, and playing with their very own Pacific Rim lego set could get them interested in other lego products. 

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