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Thanks for the support everyone!


175 Supporters!

Thanks! Looks like we'll make it to 200!


150 Supporters!

Thanks a lot for the sudden support boost! In only a couple of days, the Chemistry Lab gained 16 supporters! If we continue at this rate, we'll reach 1,000 in no time! :) A new update should go up hopefully within the next week with more rendered images! Thanks for reading and please do what you can to help keep the support coming!


The Original Chemistry Lab

Before building it in ldd, I made a prototype of what it should look like! Here you can see. Obviously, I made a lot of changes, but this is what I started with. Thanks for reading and please help keep the support coming!


Main Picture Edited

I edited the main photo. Please let me know what you think!

Thanks for all of the support as well!


100+ Supporters!

Thank you so much everybody for the support! In the past two days, my project has gained 11 supporters, a huge jump! Please continue to spread the word through social media and whatever you can think of! I will post a new project soon, so look out and please help with that as well! 

Thanks for reading!


97 Supporters- only 3 to go until we reach 100!

Who will be the 100th supporter? Let's make this happen!

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