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Hello everyone , my new project wants to be a prison. I created this prison with cells for various detainees , I set up an office where you receive the prisoners , then I created a second office where you register detainees . I made the dining area for prisoners with the tables and the cook . I created each cell with its bathroom and her bed . every department has a watch to check the cells , out of the prison guards have that control , and together with the guards I put the dogs . at every corner or side of the prison I put the cameras to monitor the area . the prison and all closed , but as you can see from the pictures in every room there are the characters with objects and everything has its reference . It seems like a nice and interesting project I hope will please people and get many votes . Now in the next few days I would define new parts and can add them to the project . Now I greet you and I hope you will like thanks

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