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Titan Trucks - Hyperion


This project born to promote our seasonal Lego exibition and I tried to create a huge model with some particular features. First of all I wanted to make a BIG truck to start a new (and large, I hope) line, the Titan Trucks. One thing I did not care was the realism of my project: I was concentrated about power functions so other aspects were neglected.
The bigger challenge for this MOC was to be able to use it by remote and also without batteries, like a simple truck model: to obtain this I added a leverage system to connect or unconnect the gears from the electric motors.
In this way you can act on the truck manually pushing it ahead and steering with a dedicated wheel on the top of the cabin. The same wheel is used to tilt the cabin off and to reveal the 10 cylinder motor with the gearbox and the steering system.
The second feature that I really wanted was the possibility to tow a proportionate trailer so I needed of a good amount of power: 2 XL Motors applied to the rear twins axles provide the necessary strength to this purpose; they are connected to 2 different IR Receiver, setted up on the same channel.
The steering motor (not a servo motor) is connected to one of this receiver.
A further XL Motor allow the player to tilt the big cabin through 2 linear actuators located in the front internal corners of the bumber.
Finally, the turntable on the rear was designed to host future trailers (work in progress, work in progress...)
Some details here and there complete the work, like the exhaust, the trumpets or the rear view mirrors.
I split the model into 10 different parts, to simplify final assembly and also to keep easier the reading of the instructions (LDD is not perfect into making building instructions).

Thank you for watching.

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