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Modular Spaceship

Update: 5/11- 42 supporters- the most important number
This is a Creator Set designed for both CFoL's and AFoL's. Essentially, you first build a simple cockpit, and then you build a set of wings, fronts, and backs. You then use the sets of parts to create different configurations, allowing a large amount of possibilities. FOr AFoL's, the set comes with many different pieces, in Orange and Dark Grey, which can be used to create MoC's of consistent coloration.

These are the different parts that are built. It includes: 1 Cockpit, 1 minifig, 2 sets of fronts, two sets of backs, and 3 sets of wings.

These are some examples of star ships that can be made- Each set of wings has two Flick-Fire Missiles. Two of the wing sets are reversible.

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