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Snoopy - Campfire


*** Let's celebrate Snoopy turning 75 this year!! (Oct 4, 1950) ***

Join Snoopy and Woodstock outdoors under a clear and starry sky!
The night is still and peaceful, except for the crackling of the fire and the occasional hoot of an owl. Snoopy and Woodstock relax by the warmth of the flames and see who can roast the best marshmallow. But watch out and don’t let your marshmallows burn! It’s a cheerful and tranquil feeling as two friends are surrounded by nature and each other’s company.

Physical Info:
part count: 340
dimensions: (width x length x height)
  • inches - 3.8 x 9.4 x 5.0
  • cm - 9.6 x 24.0 x 12.7

Why did I build it? Because... "Happiness is a warm (LEGO) puppy"

Snoopy 'The World-Famous Beagle':
Snoopy continues to be an iconic character cherished the world over by both young and old alike. With his imaginative adventures, witty humor, and loyal friendship, he's not only a comic character, but also a cultural phenomenon.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for LEGO to introduce a Snoopy set, as it would combine the best of both worlds: the timeless charm and appeal of Snoopy, and the innovation and versatility of LEGO!

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