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General Motors "Futurliner"


The GM Futurliners were a group of custom vehicles, styled in the 1940s by Harley Earl for General Motors, and integral to the company's "Parade of Progress" — a North American traveling exhibition promoting future cars and technologies.

Each Futurliner featured heavily stylized Art Deco, streamlined bodywork, deep red side and white roof paint, large articulated chrome side panels, a military-grade 302 cu. in. GMC straight-six gasoline engine and automatic transmission, whitewall tires and a prominent, high-mounted, centrally located driver command position with a panoramic windshield.

12 Futurliners were manufactured, with nine still known to exist as of 2007. (c/o wikipedia)

Again for this build I emphasized simplicity as oppose to accurately following the original vehicle design. Though most of the articulation you will find in the real vehicle is incorporated in this build and then some. Most notable of which is the two sided swing doors up front for each of access. This Futurliner is vehicle number 3 showcasing the "Power for the Air Age".

As with past builds I made the build modular wherein you can combine the front and back part of the vehicle, while the showcase trunk having the ability to stand by itself with retractable stands. To top it off I made a replica jet engine as part of the showcase.

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