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Fell Beast


Behold one of the most iconic creatures to ever be seen in a film, the fell beasts, steeds of the Ringwraiths. With this winged monster you can create the chilling and terrifying moment when they first appear in the skies above Minas Tirith!

I know every Lord of the Rings fan would love to have a Fell Beast crouched atop their shelves! That's why I created this creature. Me, along with countless other fans, have been greatly disappointed with the discontinuation of the Lord of the Rings line. I'm hoping that LEGO will eventually bring it back. I hope this model will help LEGO realize the demand for Lord of the Rings sets.

This Fell Beast is full articulable, with flexible wings, legs, tail, neck, and jaw. Ideally, this would come with the Witch King, or at least one of the other Ringwraiths. Unfortunately, this won't be able to include the Witch King's awesome helmet, due to Ideas rules about no new pieces. The Witch King would come with his sword and mace. Also, the Ringwraith would come with the tattered cape they came with in Weathertop. The reason I didn't include one is because LDD wouldn't allow me to place the Ringwraith's hood while wearing that particular cape.

Contains 452 bricks.

I encourage you to support this project if you would like to see this as an official LEGO product! However, support isn't always enough. People must share it to help spread it around and get enough Lord of the Rings fans interested in this to achieve 10,000 supporters!

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