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The Cat in the Hat

This is a build based on the 2003 movie, The Cat in the Hat. Although this movie came with terrible reviews, lots of people know what it is. A Cat in the Hat set has never won Lego Ideas before so I'll give it a shot. I decided to go with the live action adaptation of the movie instead of the classic Dr. Seuss movie because its so different. I think this might do decent because so many people love the original Cat in the Hat so they might like this one too.
This set includes the following:
-713 total parts
-8 minifigs- Cat, Conrad, Sally, Joan, Lawrence, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and Mrs. Kwan
-1 Fish
-Joan's car
-A double sided house, one half being the front-room, and the other being the slide and purple goo that Cat, Sally and Conrad ride Mrs. Kwan through

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