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Ender's Game - Battle Room

I know what you're thinking, another licensed theme? Really? Bear with me hear.

Ender's Game, in case you don't know is arguably the most famous Sci-Fi novel, it is written by Orson Scott Card. See more here. A film adaptation of the book, starring Harrison Ford (you know, the Indiana Jones guy) is due out November of 2013. See more here. If you haven't read the novel I highly recommend you do so, then return here and support. If you don't want to, I'll summarize, no spoilers: It centers around a boy named Ender. He is sent to Battle School with others to train and play 'games'. The human race is preparing for the next alien attack.

I think that a LEGO tie in would be perfect for this movie. (So let's get 10,000 by November, ok?) I propose a set of the Battle Room. Remember, my MOC is just an example, the final product would be modeled after the Battle Room in the movie. If you haven't read the book, the Battle Room a large, zero-gravity room used for fights.

EDIT 2013.02.01: I have completed and posted the Battle Room! This was made for my LEGO Cuusoo project. More pictures here!

Again, the actual set would be based off of the movie, the MOC is just my interpretation.


Here is the older placeholder MOC. It is a small corridor with the entrance to the Battle Room.

(Note: regarding violence, the book does not have anything too bad and the film will most likely be PG-13 in the US)

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