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Winter Village Train Tunnel


About This Project:

This set idea is of a winter village train tunnel that has Santa's secret underground home and workshop inside the mountain. There are too many details to go over each one so, I will try to just cover the main things and keep this as short as I can. First off the set is under 3000 pieces but, not by much. The whole thing is one solid piece that can be picked up and carried without it falling apart. To keep the piece count down anywhere that I could keep hollow or use one large piece I would without being able to see it when done. I was inspired to build this after getting the Lego holiday train set which led to me building many winter themed sets. For most of the details please look at the pictures as they can show you better than I could ever explain.

Play Features:

  • Connects to Lego train track and works with my Lego holiday train set really well with power functions too.
  • The igloo's roof can open and close for access inside.


  • There are 15 minfigures on the set but, I am ok with reducing the number to whatever Lego thinks is appropriate.
  • Lots of Lego animals like polar bears, a skunk, some rabbits, a deer, a fish, a dog, and a couple penguins.

If you like this set please support and follow. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Happy Building.


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