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Working Windmill

The Windmill works using the power functions motor to power the sales that would usually be turned by the wind. This Windmill is open at the back to see the corn being crushed as the sails turn. The motor speed has been slowed down with a worm gear and cogs. Motor and power functions are hidden by the hill/mound Which is decorated with grass, leaves and a mixture of flowers to give the impression of wild flowers in a meadow. There is also a wooden bridge to the front door of the windmill and a lantern hanging from the bridge as well as a dumped wheel barrow under the bridge.

Inside the windmill There are ladders up to the floor above where the wheel crushes the corn and flour sacks, barrels and crates to store the corn and flour and a broom for sweeping up. The windmill build is approximately 65 centimetres tall when the sale is pointing upright.

The top of the windmill sets the sale at an angle as it would be on a real windmill and from the back the cogs can be seen turning.

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