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Riot of Realms - Ghost Ship


What is Riot of Realms? Right now, I'm a student at a community college, looking into becoming a game designer. Riot of Realms is a game that I would like to make, that will be fantasy based, with many options, abilities, classes, battles, bosses, and PvP opportunities. For my LEGO sets, I will be introducing different ideas, as well as characters and their descriptions.

This set is from an idea I have. In the game I intend on including sea travel. Those who choose to travel by sea will be randomly selected to fight multiple ocean bosses, including the Ghost Ship, an entity that imitates everything about the ship it meets. In this set, a Hunter mercenary and his crew are transporting other Players on their ship. However, the ghost ship meets them, and gives "birth" to mysterious Shadow Beings, each with their own abilities and traits. Now, the Players, passengers included, have to defend themselves from this strange threat.

As you can tell from the first six display images, the ships are near identical, with a few adjustments here and there. For example, the Ghost Ship has the characteristics of a living creature, as well as a glowing red cockpit (button to activate the light brick is shown as a shaft by the door in the last image). On board the Ghost Ship are six Shadow Beings, while the Player Ship holds four Players and the ship's crew.

The Shadow Beings are made of the same substance that creates the Ghost Ship. They can be either Hunters or any form of magic wielders. They may also hold strange features and characteristics, including the features and behavior of animals.

In image 13/18, we see what the AI crew of the Player Ship looks like. Those in red have more health and take the front-lines, while those in blue fire from a "safe" distance.

N3ptune is a merman that is traveling with his friends, despite being able to travel through water without a ship. Still, his ability to swim quickly and breathe under water gives him a unique advantage over the Shadow Beings, as long as none of them have the rare character of a fish. In real life, she's a teenage girl who has a second account as a female Angel, but she wanted to try something else. She keeps the fact that she plays RoR a secret, otherwise all the guys who are chasing after her would probably stop.

Assassin2556 is a big fan of the popular game series, Assassin's Creed. As what happens whenever someone gets the chance, they make a character based off of one line and "implement" it into another line. As such, Assassin2556 made a Hunter who looks exactly like an assassin. In real life, he is a twenty-one year old who loves to play fast-action games. He recently started getting his college friends into the game, and now he's going to meet up with them at a Raid quest. That is, if he can make it.

Guns are a rare thing in this world. But somehow, SeaPrincess has been able to obtain two of them. Now, she is becoming a spread of rumor as she has defeated high class Players, and not bothering to loot them. No one has claimed to hire her for a bounty, so whatever her reasons for fighting are, no one knows. In real life, she's just a middle school girl who is trying to rank up as fast as possible without looting other players. All of her friends are amazed at how far she's gone without looting.

CaptainBrownPatch is a Hunter that transports people for money. He uses this opportunity to gather up on resources, then goes for what people are starting to call "Pirate Raids," where the raider comes in from the sea. In real life, he's just a kid who is bullied, and tries his best to shut himself from the real world. However, you can't tell that by how he plays.

Let me know what you think of this set. If you see a need for improvement in this and the past two RoR sets, don't hesitate to speak.

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