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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Camping Trip


Here I would like to present you another camping diorama. This time, a couple makes a camping trip with a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. The Toyota FJ40 is a very famous off-road vehicle and has been used all over the world. The Land Cruiser series is still produced today, but the early models have become popular classics. The diorama also shows the fireplace and the tent. The man is fishing while his wife grills a fish. The picnic blanket is already laid out and the radio plays the favorite music.
This set has a total Count of 469 Bricks and contains 2 minifigures.

I created this project because I like classic cars. I also like camping trips. This set would be great for anyone who also likes camping trips with classic cars. If you like my set, please support it.

Thanks for your support!

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