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Desktop Cactus Planters


Three sleek cactus planters to sit nicely on your desk, shelves or on your windowsill adding a little bit of green to your everyday life. Simple to build and easily customizable, you can grow your own cacti your own way! Give them the size and shape you want, build them all in one go or watch them grow at your own pace whenever you feel like adding more pieces!

This project is inspired by the following three cacti which come with their own cubic planters as well as a rectangular plate for them to sit on.

- Myrtillocactus geometrizans

- Astrophytum myriostigma

- Agave asteria

It contains about 300 pieces and as you can see on the pictures has already been built as all these pieces already exist in these colors. The white plate and planters could use slightly bigger pieces for a even sleeker look though.

I first made these planters to decorate my desk at work where plants (even cacti) are having a hard time with little natural light and the temperature variations due to the air conditioning being on and off. So far they've been holding well and I've got encouraging comments so I decided to share them here and see if more LEGO® fans would like them.

I believe these can be fun to build as you can give them the size and shape you want and even "let them grow" by adding a few pieces every day or week until they're fully grown and then watch the flower of the astrophytum bloom!

Watch out for the thorns!

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