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The Destruction of the Ring


Recreate the end of the Quest of the Ring with: The Destruction of the Ring!  Fight off Gollum with Sam-wise the Brave and make your way into Mount Doom.  Fight for the Ring on the bridge over the glowing lava. Then fling Gollum with the Ring into the fires below to end the power of the Dark Lord. Then escape the great volcano before it erupts!  And finally rescue our heroes with the great Eagle.

I built this as the smallest of all my creations so far, aiming at the $30-$40 range which LEGO seems to be making for LEGO Ideas projects. I also filled it with functions to maximize play ability.


I tried to make this project a little more MOC like but still plausible as a set.


  • Collapsing bridge
  • Light-up lava
  • Falling lava
  • Exploding rock function with flick fire missiles


  • Frodo Baggins
  • Sam-wise the Brave
  • Gollum

Piece count: 445


Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this project!


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