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Dunes Breaker

I build a lot of vehicles for space exploration. And in my imagination, i arrive on a desert planet. Sand dunes are everywhere.
How to get a small ship to move fast on sand terrain ?

First, a caterpillar ! But i don't want my model look like snow-bike.
So my idea was to build my model around a triangular caterpillar, with ski behind for direction.

This triangular caterpillar look so easy. But to get a small triangular shape that exactly matches the caterpillar ... And i absolutely want used wheel and not gear for caterpillar, this solution gives functional caterpillar on any surface, even on glass. (else, it's too easy)
I do many tests.

After that, the rear ski. To get the most realistic model, this ski most be fully mobile, up/down and right/left. So when you drive and turn, the ski is moving.
I also do many tests.

When mechanical is ready, some design :
  • I motorized triangular caterpillar with 2 motors powered by reactor, one on each side.
  • 2 guns and a big light on front
  • big bags to carry everything you need to explore desert area

And it's ready ! Let's go explore this desert planet !

Small model, but long build/rebuild time. I hope you will like it.

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