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Lego Technic Hot Rod (Little Red Devil)


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Rule the road with this Lego Technic hot rod, nicknamed the (Little Red Devil). This hot rod has around 750 peices, and is small compared to other models. Because of its small size it is very lightweight, because of this it is also very fast and fun to drive. This model has many things to offer to the buyer. 


2L motors to drive the model

1 Servo to steer the model

One battery box to run the model.

2 pairs of LED lights to make sure the model is able to drive in the dark. 

V8 engine for decoration 

Large grill, and air intakes for the engine

Cool exhaust pipes on the side of the car


Convertible/ non convertible option

Tail lights to show were the hot rod has been.

Thanks for reading, and please comment, follow or even support so it can become a Lego Technic set! 

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