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Hi every one, I just joined last night and i've been working on this submarine for a while. I just wanted to show it and see if people like it or not. It is pretty big, it has more than 2 800 pieces including four minifigs, 2 sharks, ( in it's aquarium ) 1 dolphin, 1 star fish and one fish. First thing about this is that the set is staged on motion, for example if you look at the back's aquarium the dolphin's head is out of his and is getting fed by one of the minifigs. This set includes 3 big room, first back room has 3 aquarium tank, animal food, plant, 3 tables, 4 water suckers and a lot of boxes, it is more like a study room.

Second room which is the front, has a closet, 1 freezer, 2 bunk beds ( four beds ) 1 TV, 1 bathroom, two boxes, a ladder and one table, it is more like a bedroom. Third room which is the control room is located second floor, it doesn't have much, it has a book shelf, a chair and some computers. That's about my summery for this submarine, don't forget to support please and tell your friends about this if you liked it, have a great rest of your day and keep building, until next time. 

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