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Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield


The Hylian shield Is the traditional shield of the Knights of Hyrule and a shield commonly used by Link. And now its made out of our favorite building blocks!

This LEGO model of the Hylian shield is very sturdy and build out of 300 - 400 LEGO bricks. The model is very detailed, from the grey bordering to the yellow Triforce and won't fall apart while used in play! (The arm straps which are not shown in this photo do need to be improved)

The model is made of a combination of smooth and and normal bricks. The details of the shield are built on 3 layers of base plates and large pieces to give it extra strength and stability. I am hoping that this shield will be available for all LEGO and Zelda fans! So get your friends to support this model!

Thank you for supporting my Model, I greatly appreciate all support you can give! :)

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