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The Antique Telescope


Telescopes have been around for more than 400 years, they quickly became common in all cultures, and although its inventor remains unknown, it alones represents the technical capacity of human beings to broaden their horizons, explore the unknown and still remain amazed.

Today, telescopes all come in different sizes, shapes and technologies, some are sent across the cosmos to better photograph galaxies, others sleep in the attics of millions of homes.

With this creation, I chose to pay homage to the most popular image of the nautical style telescope, you know, like this good old model found in a grandfather's attic, or inherited from an uncle. ... I wanted it to look like the antique telescope that all curious children would have had.


I based myself on the model of the old nautical telescopes that can be found everywhere in flea markets, antique shops or at our grandparent's house, in order to bring to the build an universal and retro or even decorative touch.

The model is around 40cm height and 45cm lenght.
It is composed of 376 parts.

Of course, it can be articulated from top to bottom as well as being turned 360°, you can also slightly adjust the height of the tripod which I deliberately wanted to be quite small to make it a beautiful decorative object. It is also possible to completely disassemble the tripod to make a spotting scope !

Unfortunately, the model does not work like a real telescope, the parts that can make it work do not exist (yet!), hope that if this project ever succeeds we will have the opportunity to do so !


What do you think about this model ? Do you want it to becomes the next LEGO Ideas set ? If so, do not hesitate to support it, leave a comment and, the most important, share it with your friends, colleagues or on social medias !

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