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The set is supposed to be part of a long beach with a pier going over the sea.

On the pier you can find 2 benches to sit and watch the sunset, like the couple on one of them. To get to the pier you need to take the stares with custom made railings. (I really like how they came out).

Beneath, on the sandy shore there is a family with their son. The mother relaxes while the husband puts the sunscreen on her back. Their son enjoys an ice-cream after building the sand-palace.

The pier is supposed to be built on top of a big dune, that's why you can find lots of sand underneath it.

You can find some sea creatures and animals in the set. On the pier there is a seagull and underneath the pier you can find one sea star and 2 crabs. 

Overall it is a simple build set with ~450 pieces, which can be combined with other sea sets quite easily, or be a stand alone set.

Hope you like it =]

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