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Star Wars Automated Defence Turret

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*UPDATE* This turret is now incorporated in to my new Modular Hangar design which can be found at

Now if only the Empire had installed some of these on the first Death Star, the rebels would have been crushed! Well, maybe not, I'm sure R2 would have found some clever way to deactivate them all, the little tin-plated spoilsport :D.

This is something I came up with whilst I was tinkering with some spare parts left over from other Star Wars Lego kits (and a piece or two that I found in a box in the attic!). I posted this photo along with the build instructions on my DeviantART page ( and it was received rather well. The piece count is quite low, and it is to minifigure scale so it would probably do well as a set-builder.

Frank the Trooper will be quite happy to dismantle the turret again for your inspection :D.

The only 'custom' parts in this kit are two grey 1x2 ladders that I found in the attic, but the lower rungs had broken off both leaving just the top two. It fits the model rather well and adds a nice touch of detail.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and if you like, have a look around the rest of my DeviantART gallery, there's loads of Star Wars Lego stuff in there (mostly parodies).

Ideally the pack would come with two Stormtroopers as well, one with a tool kit and the obligatory coffee mug :D.

I've modelled this as best I can in LDD, although I had to replace a couple of parts because I used a few broken bits in the real model (so obviously they don't exist in the Lego repertoire).

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