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The Mountain Chalet


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Welcome to The Mountain Chalet!

What is it?
The Mountain Chalet is the best place to keep content. This chalet contains the best details to make your minifigures comfortable and happy.
  • Building details: this construction has a lot of things to talk about. On the outside, we can see much detailing: the rocks all around the house; the big tree; the garage; the mailbox; the balcony; the rustic and wood details of the chalet etc. The interior contains, on the ground floor, a living room and a kitchen; on the first floor, a bedroom and a bathroom; on the attic, a treasure chest, some toys, boxes and a water tank.
  • Pieces details: different than other projects of mine, I didn’t make any custom print parts, but the building has some of the newest pieces launched by LEGO and some other prints that they also manufactured.
  • Minifigures details: the chalet contains 3 very nice minifigures, which are (1) the son, (2) the father and (3) the mom.
  • Overall details: the building is made of 2371 pieces. One of the most interesting things in it is that you can take out some parts of the building to see the details in a better way. You can split the object in two at the middle part, allowing you to see all the details of the interior. Other parts that you can do the same are the balcony and the garage, as represented in the video above.
Why did I build it?
I built this chalet because I thought it would be a very good thing to be constructed in LEGO bricks, and because it is a cozy place that we like to stay and rest.
Why do I think this would be a great LEGO set?
Because of the unique details that the whole building contains, making it very pleasing to build and look.
3D online model
I have shared a 3D model of this chalet at Mecabricks, so that anyone can see all the outside details. Here is the link:
Thank you!
That’s it for now. I hope you liked this building. If so, please support it, and it will have a chance to be something real.
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