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Star Wars Mosaics

The Star Wars range is already so huge in terms of variety of products from regular sets to micro, mini, midi as well as sculpture and UCS ect. I thought it could be expanded a little more with one or a range of mosaics. This is one I have actually created of a Stromtrooper minifig using 2304 individual 1x1 plates plus the XL grey baseplate (I know 1x1 isn't cost efficient but I had loads anyway). I would love to see something similar turned into a proper set.

Many of you may not know this but a mosaic has been created in the past as a promotion with M&Ms around the time revenge of the sith was released but was part of a competition or exclusive or something but I was looking for something a bit more open to the general public.

Thanks and i'd love to get some feedback

I've also uploaded some of my other ideas which fit onto 4 XL grey baseplates. The images are a little to zoomed in for the full effect but if you search my name on flickr, under the mosaics set you can see them better.

Boba Fett

Royal Guard


Death Star

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