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The "Elements" Of Surprise

Hello and welcome to my Lego ideas project! This project is centered around the elements that surround most of our planet: snow, fire(or lava), water and Islands. What I have done is put these elements into a present box, when the box is opened it reveals an imaginary world where people are living under the conditions of snow, fire, water and if they are lucky enough they could be living in a beautiful island. I built this so that I could show to people that the world we are living in now is our present to our future generation and the future environment can reveal it self as good or bad depending on what we do to our planet now and off course. The reason I built this was to take my mind off the recent pandemic and because I simply love building with legos. This project includes three side builds two of which are very colourful presents and a small cake. This project allows you to remove each of the present's bows with ease. I believe that this project would make a great Lego set because of the display ability and because of the great details. I got the idea to do a present from a 2018 promotional Lego set. But don't worry both the outside and inside are completely different. I hope you all enjoyed this project. 

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