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Mechanical Airship X-2 Windcutter

I am very happy to present the X-2 Windcutter. This is a model of an idea of an airship that has been floating around in my head for quite some time. Most fantasy airships tend to resemble boats or zeppelins, so I wanted to make something the world has never seen before. This Airship resembles the boiler of a steam locomotive and the industrialized look of heavy machinery. Also, most airships are said to run on steam, but this one runs on both steam and fossil fuels, which power the propellers and jet engines. The model itself is an excellent display piece, and great for AFOLs who love a large-scale project, or even those who are really enthusiastic about steam engines, or aircraft. The model includes a stand for holding the model upright on a table, 4 crew members, and a captain who pilots the airship. The ship itself is designed to look used and practical, similar to non-streamlined steam locomotives, and is armed with 4 ball-jointed turrets because it is in fact a warship. It also features a collection of domes and valves near the rear of the boiler, which are again hints of a steam locomotive, and has a headlight at the front of the boiler.

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