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The Island Crab

This is a little crab with an entire civilization built into his back. Based of the sea anemone and crab relationship, this crab hosts a variety of life on top of its shell. 

This set was honestly made out of spare parts in my LEGO box that I had. The crab's shell is and entire mountain with a few extra pieces attached to it. This LEGO MOC is cute and little, making it the perfect companion for anyone to have!

I believe this will make a great LEGO set because it is very small compared to any other LEGO set. Therefore this LEGO set will be a lot cheaper than all the other LEGO sets in the market. Since the LEGO set is cheaper, it is the most cost friendly option when at a stroll in the local LEGO store. 

I hope that this will eventually hit the markets and make me the youngest LEGO set designer at the age of 14, your support will be greatly apperciated.

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