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The Golden Goose (The Brothers Grimm)


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Dear Lego Ideas community, I present my latest build, The Golden Goose. The Golden Goose is a beloved story known to people around the world. Thanks to The Brothers Grimm many of us in the Western world have learned the tale... But this birds fame doesn’t end there. In fact, the Golden Goose is also well known in Buddhist (Jataka) as well as Persian (Huma bird) cultures. With your support (and that of 9,999 others) you too can be the proud owner of a bird worth its weight in gold...


My motivation for this build was to construct my first bird as well as use some of my Lego gold piece hoard. I wanted to include a base so I made a grassy patch for the goose to stand on. The wings are movable/posable helping to bring this majestic beauty to life. I repurposed many pieces for my build including gold rims for the neck, gold carriage wheels for the birds head, and a gold drill piece for the beak. Technics pieces were also used to construct the internal neck and head structures. I tried my best to keep any exposed non-gold Lego elements to a minimum. 



Built on a 22x22 base.

Total piece count: 1243 pieces (I counted)



Thank you for visiting my latest project. I hope you enjoyed it, and if so I would greatly appreciate your support. This would make a great addition to any home, office, and Lego collection in my humble opinion. Furthermore, this would appeal to bird fans, literary fans, families (this would be a fun family build) and Lego builders of all ages. Live out your Scrooge McDuck dreams with a bounty of Lego gold pieces! Your feedback, comments, and suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged. 


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Thanks again for your time and consideration. :)

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