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Red Dragon Castle

Ninja was a fresh and interesting subtheme of Lego Castle bringing you back to feudal Japan with Samurai instead of knights facing Ninja instead of bandits or evil knights. Although I only own the Samurai Swordsman mini set I always found the theme fascinating with great sets in a unique setting. Although the oriental theme was reborn with the Ninjago sets, I do think that the original Ninja theme is sadly overlooked and that it would be great to have more medieval oriental sets.
Furthermore, aside from the interesting sets of the Ninja theme, Lego castle sets revolved around medieval European themes. Still, Asian cultures had their fascinating medieval history which involved awesome castles which should get much more attention.
This project is homage to the original Oriental Castle theme which, instead of the original medieval Japanese theme, features a Chinese-style oriental castle with fitting minifigures. The build is modular and each interior space is fully accessible and detailed.
The set contains a grand total of 2665 parts with minifigures and their accessories. It would make for an ideal play set with accessible interiors, soldiers, commoners and noble characters, but also a nice piece of display.
As for the potential target audience, I think both children and adult collectors would be interested in such a set. Furthermore, it could have special appeal to medieval- and castle enthusiasts from the Asian markets.

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