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TIE Interceptor


Recognizing the superiority of the Incom T-65 X-wing starfighter at the battle of Yavin, the Empire realized they needed to upgrade their TIE fighters. The new starfighter would build on the experiences gained from the TIE Advanced X1 prototype (used by Darth Vader). In order to keep down cost and in compliance with Imperial doctrine the new starfigher would have no deflector shields, no hyperdrive and no live support. The far more powerful engines and more efficient solar panels from the TIE Advanced x1 gave the TIE Interceptor far greater speed and maneuverability than not only the old TIE\LN, but also almost any starfighter of Rebel Alliance except for the RZ-1 A-wing. With 4 wing tip mounted laser cannons and two chin mounted laser cannons, the TIE Interceptor far outgunned the A-wing, making the two starfighters pretty evenly matched. By the time of the battle of Endor the TIE Interceptor made up about 20% of the Imperial Navy's fighters.

I wanted to build a TIE Interceptor based on the new cockpit design of the 75101 First Order TIE Fighter and 75150 TIE Advanced x1. I started out with the cockpit section of 75101, however in the finished design not much has been left unchanged. The project contains 450 bricks.

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