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Portable Outdoor Arena


This out door arena is awesome for any LEGO concert. The stage has a full roof and walls, its fitted with many lanterns and moving head lights, it has two massive speakers fitted to the side of the rigging on the stage. The roof has 4 flood lights on top for when the clean up after the most amazing concert has ended. There is barriers around the stage to stop any crazed fans from stage jumping, and they also protect the crowds from the lighting and sound cables running to the TECH box. In the TECH box there is a sound board and a lighting board with an operations crew to run the show. The TECH box also has two flood lights on it to make the clean up extra bright. 


Here comes the amazing part...


It is all portable. this set comes with 4 lorry's all with stage shows written on the sides and a loading ramp on the back. These 4 lorry's make trips to dismantle the flat pack stage and TECH box and move it to the location of the next world class concert. The lorry's are specially designed for the equipment so they have been made taller to fit more in.


So if your LEGO is ready to rock please support this and tell your friends.

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