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The Battle for Arcadia - The Board Game


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I decided to make a LEGO board game based on the famous battle from Doctor Who. This set was inspired by the events in "The Last Day" and "The Day of the Doctor". I decided to merge the drama of the SF TV show and the playability of LEGO Games.




The city is covered with buildings, a bridge walkway, details, a Citadel and fields for gaming figures. The Citadel contains a central part decorated with spires and a olive green dome and a battlement around. The battlement has 2 starting points for Gallifreyan soldiers, a sky scanner, a turret and decoration columns. There are also 3 other turrets in the city. There could be a message written on a wall: "NO MORE"!

SKY TRENCHES: I reduced their number to 6 for this game (original: 400). The sky trenches are represented by cones on a grey panel.


12 GALLIFREYAN SOLDIERS: The 4 soldiers in the turrents can't be move.

THE TARDIS: It's made from a blue box with a light on the top.

GALLIFREYAN BOWSHIPS: They look like a shuttle (my assumption).

THE MOMENT: The Doctor must decide if he will use this powerfull weapon to destroy both sides or not. It comes with fields for the Doctor and his TARDIS.

DALEKS: 6 drones, 1 Supreme and 1 Emperor.

DALEK FIGHTER PODS: 4 fighter pods are attacking! Each has 3 wings.

4 DALEK SAUCERS: Each saucer has the tipical bronze color, hemispheres and it's placed on a transparent stick.

DALEK MOTHERSHIP: This large saucer has the similar design like the smaller saucers but it's larger and it carries the Dalek Emperor.

MOVE DICE: marks for 1, 2, 3 and 4 move steps (made of different square tiles), attack (yellow circle) and damage (red circle)

FINAL DECISION DICE: 2 marks for the destruction of both sides (red), 2 marks for Gallifreyan victory (dark red) and 2 marks for the Dalek victory (gold)

SEPARATOR TOOLS: a crowbar, a tube (for saucer hemispheres and other similar parts) and a regular brick separator



1 The Daleks start first because they are the invader.

2 Before you start placing and moving the microfigures and other gaming figures across the board, the invader must break trough 6 sky trenches.

3 The invader breaks trough the sky trenches by throwing the dice. If you get yellow circle (attack), you remove 1 sky trench (remove 1 cone).

4 The defender does the same, but his attack means damage on the invader figures.

5 For both sides, the red circle means 1 damage during the whole game.

6 During the sky trench breaking part, the move marks on the dice (1, 2, 3, 4) don't count. If you get them, throw again.

7 After the sky trenches are destroyed, the players can start putting their figures on the board and move them around according to the marks on the dice.

8 Gallifreyan soldiers start from their posts at the citadel (the 1x4 tiles).

9 Soldiers at the turrets can't move around.

10 The Dalek attack forces, the Doctor, the TARDIS and the bowships start outside the board. They are  placed at the board according to the mark on the dice.

11 Before placed on the board, a figure can't attack an another.

12 The minifigures are moving across the fields according to the mark number on the dice.

13 The figures can be placed on grey fields across the city, on the bridge walkway, on the citadel battlement (on the wall) and the citadel platform. They can't be placed on buildings and ruins.

14 You can move in all directions.

15 When you want to get on a higher position, you just jump on it if you get enough steps on the dice.

16 The yellow circle on the dice means attack.

17 There is a attack range: 10 studs/lenght of a brick seaparator.

18 Turrets can only spin.

19 When a flying craft comes to field where a microfigure/Dalek is standing, it destroys the microfigure/Dalek.

20 The TARDIS doesn't attack like other. It attacks by crashing into enemy when it gets enough moves on the dice to get on the enemy's field. It can only attack Daleks. Even when they are several enemies on its path, it can destroy them all.

21 When the TARDIS gets 10 attack marks on the dice (all attack marks which the TARDIS gets during the game are calculated together), it teleports to the Moment for the final decision.

22 Every object has health.

  • gallifreyan soldiers, the Daleks & the Doctor - 1
  • TARDIS - 2
  • fighter pods & turrets - 4
  • flying saucers & bowships - 5
  • Citadel & mothership - 6

23 The gaming figures with more health are crippled every time when they take damage to mark they current health state.

  • the TARDIS first loses his light before it gets destroyed
  • fighter pods first lose their wings and then their body
  • turrets first lose their barrels, then the tile part over the soldiers head and then the whole main body with soldier
  • saucers lose their hemispheres before they are completely destroyed by the fifth shot
  • bowships first lose their wings, then their engine, the cockpit and, at last, the main body
  • the Citadel loses its surounding spires before the destruction of the main tower. The main tower has 2 health.
  • Dalek mothership gets damage similar to the smaller saucers but it has 2 health points at the main hull with the Emperor after the destruction of hemispheres

24 The yellow circle can be also used for regeneration or repair. You can regenerate 1 of your soldiers or repair 1 damage at your craft. Crafts which were totally destroyed can't be repaired.


If the Doctor comes with his TARDIS to the Moment, the final decision dice is thrown.

1. The Doctor uses the Moment and ends the war by destroying both sides. (transparent red)

2. The Doctor didn't use the Moment. Gallifrey is saved in a pocket dimension, Daleks lose. (dark red)

3. The Daleks win. (gold)


26 The Gallifreyan base is the Citadel and the Dalek base is the mothership.

27 The enemy base cannot be attacked before all enemy forces are destroyed.

28 Although all other of his forces are destroyed, the player can still defend the base by attacking the enemy.

29 Without the final decision, the winner is the player who destroys the enemy base first.


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- the background is taken from the Internet.

Doctor Who belongs to BBC.

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