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Crystal Palace

During the 19th century, huge structures made of steel and sheet glass were built. They were called Crystal Palace.
The construction of Crystal Palaces was a representation of modern architecture and industry that was developed during the Industrial Revolution. Initially, they were used to display great exhibitions of culture and industry, where people went to admire the newest scientific and industrial advances.
Furthermore, Crystal Palaces were used for exotic plants and art exhibitions.

I was mainly inspired by the London Crystal Palace, and the Madrid Retiro Park Crystal Palace.



The main build features transparent and white elements that made up the steel and glass structure.
Inside of it, there is a large variety of plants, for instance, a sakura tree, cactuses, tons of flowers, and some crops. Additional details, such as, pots, watering cans, and some tools are included.

Overall, this project has 2013 pieces. It was designed on LDD, and rendered on


I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of my build and reading the description as much as I did building this idea.

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