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Home Club Garden Center


Hello this is Treetop 2017 and I would like to tell you about my new idea for the Lego Ideas Website called Home Club Garden Center. This idea has a total of 483 Lego bricks and pieces. I will give you a description of what is in my idea. First I started out with green grass. 

I started building the clear plastic green house on the left hand side using a gray cement base, inside you have two rose bushs, in the middle of the green house you have a fan that will turn and keep the moisture in, on the outside of the green house you have a  clear sign on top of it with a gold letter  r on it and that stands for roses. You also have a door frame and door in the frame. On the roof you have black square solar panels

Next you have the Gift shop inside two cashiers,  cash register,black scanner,  credit reader,  receipt printer, shopping basket,two tables that are diffent colors,  that have different colored plant pots, that is in clear and the roof is purple and there is black square solar panels, please note the front picture show red squares but the bottom back picture will show black. There is also a clear sign on the purple roof that has a gold H-C and that stands for Home Club Garden Center. 

I have one tree, a yellow bush, two big brown barrels, beside the left green house. In front of the Gift shop I have trees, different colored barrels, recycling bins,garden balls, gazing balls,  two employs with spray water bottles, two price scanners in hands,a square spot that has black soil,bushs,trees,pond lillys,

On the right green house you have inside tree shrubs, you have a fan,door frame and door,  clear sign that has a gold letter t that stands for tree shrubs. 

This idea came from my first Home and Garden Center but I have changed a lot from the original idea and i have also updated it to keep it fresh and new. 

That concludes my presentation of my idea called Home Club Garden Center, if you like my idea please tell family members and friends about, please feel free to share with everyone and Thanks! Your lego fan and Idea builderTreetop2017. Have a great day!