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The King’s Castle Chess Set (2 in 1)

The King’s Castle Chess Set (2 in 1)

This set basically is a 2 in 1 LEGO playset. Besides the Castle themed playset, it is also a complete standalone Chess Set.

The chess board is of foldable type and can be securely attached to the castle body when not in use. The chess board also serves as part of the castle’s wall structure. All the 32 chess pieces can also be securely placed inside the castle when not in use. There are three floors inside the castle to place all the 32 chess pieces. As usual, like in any chess strategy board game, the chess board comes in the form of a checkered play board and as for the chess pieces, all the king, queen, bishop, knight, rook and pawn pieces come in two different and contrasting colors (16 chess pieces each in the ‘medium blue’ and ‘salmon’ colors). For the ease of placing all the chess pieces inside the castle, the castle main battlement turret is designed such that it can be flapped upwards and downwards.

The castle themed playset meanwhile, comes with 11 mini-figures namely, 1 king, 1 knight and 9 troops-men (1 archer, 3 king guards, 1 gynour (ballista operator), 2 bill-men, 2 carriage attendants). The playset also comes with 1 king carriage, 1 smaller king’s goods carriage and 1 spear ballista (launcher). Besides the ‘openable doors’ of the king carriage, the said carriage’s top can also be flipped upwards/downwards for playing accessibility. The king’s good carriage back opening can also be opened to place any goods onto the carriage. Spears can also be launched forward using the spring mechanism launcher installed on the spear ballista. There are also three horses available (2 for the two carriages and 1 for the knight’s ride).

On its own, the castle can also be served as a standalone display or decoration.

Hope this project will gain enough support from all to make it one of the playsets under the LEGO Ideas theme. Thank you.

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