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Space X Mr. Steven


Mr.Steven is Space X's new fairing recover vessel joining the fleet with their Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship (ASDS). The ship has a big frame structure holding up a net designed to snatch rocket fairings coming down from the sky on gps guided parafoils. It's a amazing ship, and once Space X succeeds in catching fairings, their rockets will be closer to becomng fully reusable. Now get ready to snatch your lego falcon 9 fairngs, cause here's a Lego version!

The Lego Mr.Stevens was built to both resemble asthetically, and function like the real one. It's packed with amazing features!

Features include:

  • fairing recovery net
  • equipment containers
  • controls with a place for a minifig captain to sit
  • radars
  • antenna
  • life float ring
  • and more!

If you like this project, your support would be very much appreciated. Also leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments.

Thank you everyone!

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