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ColdBuster Dropship

It's the year 2300. The galaxy has become a formidable place. Since the syndicate annexed planet after planet, criminals have run rampant, integrity has lost its definition, and illicit activities have become the norm.
But a group of courageous heroes have decided to stand up against the injustice and have come together to form the Jawbreakers, an assembly that has one purpose: to bring justice back to the galaxy.

Meet Orange Team: the Jawbreakers's fearless ordnance faction. Their newest ride, the ColdBuster Dropship, is designed especially for quick reinforcement dropoffs. The cargo bay houses a landspeeder and has a foldable ramp for easy deployment. Also includes a spring-loaded missile attached underneath the cockpit!

This set is a perfect add-on to anyone's space battles(or any battle). If you love dropships—and who doesn't?—please give this set your support!

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