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Furry Friends Rainbow Bridge

The concept of visualizing the poetic Rainbow Bridge in LEGO came to me after my second Doxie passed on. I wanted to honor both of my furry friends who were such a significant part of my life. I imagined my first Doxie Junior awaiting my second, Gizmo, to welcome him to the Rainbow Bridge. For those who have had pets who have passed on, you have most likely heard of the Rainbow Bridge where owners reunite with their pets. Here, those pets are restored to perfect health, enjoy unlimited amounts of food, water, sunshine, and rolling hills to play around on. They exist happy and content, awaiting their reunification with their owners.

The hope that my beloved pets are happy, and healthy, and running free through green grass under a bright blue sky. The hope that builders of all ages experience when they either build a set from instructions, or use their imagination to birth a design of their own creation. The idea that came to my mind of my dog making the journey to this magnificent place is what you see here. A simple build with few parts, easily customizable by ordering LEGO pet figures of your choosing, and something to proudly display next to a photo, or photos, of those furry friends you held dear.

I hope you enjoy exploring the Furry Friends Rainbow Bridge, and I hope that those who have related to this experience find hope in my idea. Thank you for your support and just for reading our story.

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